Why is my Wholesale price not showing up?

Why is my Wholesale price not showing up?

To use your Wholesale prices in the Catalog Maker, you must make sure that you have set them correctly. The Catalog Maker has two options available for you to display prices.

The [PRICE] tag shows the primary price that you have established in your store, be it Retail or Wholesale.

If you have Wholesale as the main price, this will be shown with the tag [PRICE]. If you also want to show your retail price in the catalog, you can use the [MRSP] tag.

If you are using Shopify, you should also know that wholesale price from other apps can't be retrieved in Now In Store since those apps keep this price private in their own database. But you can easily define a wholesale price in bulk by using the Bulk Editor (available via the Bulk Editor button displayed at the top when editing a single product).
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