What's the CSV format to upload my own barcodes?

What's the CSV format to upload my own barcodes?

The CSV format is just multiples rows with a barcode on each one. Here is what it looks like:





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      In some cases, regarding the assignment, there are certain things that should be evaluated before considering that barcodes are not being assigned due to an error in the app: ·       If the assignment is being done through a CSV file: You must make ...
    • How to generate barcodes?

      To generate the barcodes with our app, you must do the following: First, you must go to Settings. You must select the type of barcode that you want our app to generate; you must choose any type of the following: When you have already chosen the type ...
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      Basically, you have two options available when it comes to obtaining barcodes: From the official international barcode organization GS1 (https://www.gs1.org/standards/get-barcodes) From resellers Buying barcodes from resellers is less expensive than ...
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      Open the Designer from the main menu. Search for your product by using the search field located at the bottom. You can then click on the print button located on the top right corner of the screen to print all barcodes of the current product. You also ...
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      You can adjust the length of barcodes that will be generated by Kodbar in the Settings Menu. This feature will let you generate barcodes compatible with other services. To access the types of barcodes, you must first select the box: ​