Show variants information (Shopify Only)

Show variants information (Shopify Only)

In order to show variants information, you must do the following in the Editor:

Click on a product's caption displayed in your current catalog. The product editor should open. From there, here is what you should do:

Scroll down to Caption Content

In the Caption Content section, you must select the option "Variants" or "Variants Table."

Variants (Display variants information on the same line)

Variants Table (Display variants information in a table format with one variant per row)

You can choose which information to hide by removing the relevant keyword and preceding spaces and commas. Here are a few examples:

[VARIANTS(TITLE, SKU)]: Display variants title and SKU.
[VARIANTS(TITLE, PRICE)]: Display variants title and price.
[VARIANTS(TITLE, PRICE, STOCK)]: Display variants title and stock available.

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