Reasons why Kodbar is not assigning barcodes to products

Reasons why Kodbar is not assigning barcodes to products

In some cases, regarding the assignment, there are certain things that should be evaluated before considering that barcodes are not being assigned due to an error in the app:

ยท       If the assignment is being done through a CSV file:

You must make sure that you still have available barcodes to assign. You can find this information under Home:

If the assignment is automatic:

You must make sure that the automatic assignment is activated.

If it is a manual assignment:
A button should appear that says assign barcodes in Home.

It is also important to check in the settings if you have any filter rules activated. If you have any rules, it is important to select collections for which barcodes will be assigned or not, depending on the type of rules you chose.

If after a review of the previous steps you have identified that none of those cases apply, you can contact us through the online chat and to our email

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