How to properly configure your browser printing settings?

How to properly configure your browser printing settings?

Here is how to configure your browser printing settings so that your label is printed correctly:



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    • Common Printing Issues

      My barcode is too small or too large. Make sure you that you did all the following steps: 1. Select the appropriate paper format in Kodbar menu. If you can’t find it you can create your own by entering your paper dimensions and margins (if you don’t ...
    • Why does my barcode print incomplete?

      At the time of printing, you must ensure that the configuration in your browser is correct; by default, the impression in the browser about the scale select the option "Fit printable area" or "default" you must make sure to select "fit to paper" ...
    • How do I adjust the length of generated barcodes?

      You can adjust the length of barcodes that will be generated by Kodbar in the Settings Menu. This feature will let you generate barcodes compatible with other services. To access the types of barcodes, you must first select the box: ​
    • How do I filter out some products from automatic assignment?

      You can define collection filtering rules that let you include or exclude products belonging to specific collections. This option is available in the Settings menu.     Also, you need to choose which collections are used in the filtering rule ​
    • How do I manually assign barcodes to products?

      If you don't want our software to automatically assign barcodes for you, you can deactivate this option in the Settings. You can then assign barcodes manually by clicking on the More actions > Assign barcode option available in the Product page, ...