How to customize the online catalog?

How to customize the online catalog?

Catalogs Customization Options

The panel located on the top left corner let you customize different aspects of your online catalog:




  • Display options: 4 modes are available: animated, 3d, 2d, slideshow 
    • Animated (default mode): Shows a smooth curled-page animation when you change pages    
    • 3D: Shows a straight animation when you change pages
    • 2D (faster rendering: No animation when you change pages
    • Slideshow: Works like an image slideshow, pages are moved to the side when you change pages.
  • Background Color: Adjust the online catalog background color. This is especially useful when you embed your catalog on your website and you want your catalog to fit seamlessly with the existing background.
  • PDF Download: Show/Hide PDF Download Button
  • Pages Download: Show/Hide Pages Download (JPG) 
  • Print: Show/Hide Pages Print Button
  • Share: Show/Hide Social Networks Share Button
  • Single Page Mode: Display one page at a time
  • Right-to-left Mode: Browse through your catalog from right to left
  • Password protection: Protect your catalog with a password


Catalogs Control

This catalogs also comes with new controls:


From left to right, here are the new controls available:


  • Auto-play: Let your catalog change pages automatically
  • Browse pages: Show all pages thumbnails and quickly switch from one page to another
  • Pages Numbers: Click on it and set the page you want to jump to
  • Zoom-in/Zoom-out: Zoom in and out 
  • Text selection: Select a text to copy and paste
  • Share: Share your catalog on social networks
  • Download PDF: Download your catalog in PDF format
  • Download Pages: Download specific pages of your catalog in PDF format
  • Full Screen: Display your catalog in Full Screen
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